The Hole Wizard Parameters Dialog Box

GearWizardIconGray.png Parameters

The parameters that are available in the Hole Wizard vary between feature types. This help topic lists the parameters that are shared in many of Hole features as well as items are only found for certain operation types.


Common Parameters

Operation Parameters



Center Drill Feature

Operation Parameters

CheckBoxSelected.png Select this check box to override the default calculated depth.

CheckBoxCleared.png Clear this check to use the calculated depth.



Drill (Hole) Feature

Cycle Type

CheckBoxSelected.png Select this check box to enter the following peck values.

CheckBoxCleared.png Clear this check box to use the calculated peck values.

      • First Peck Depth - the first peck depth in the peck cycle.

      • Peck Depth - the depth of the peck.

      • Number of Pecks - the number of pecks that occur.

Tap Feature/Rolled Tap Feature

Cycle Type

Bore Feature

Cycle Type

If Boring 1, 2, or 3 is defined in the post processor, the selected option is output in the NC program.

Chamfer Feature




After setting the parameters, click Compute to finish the wizard and calculate the toolpath. The feature parameters are stored in a feature that is added to the CAM Tree.

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